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DVD $20.00

46 minutes
Accompany musician Bruce Cockburn as he returns to the spectacular Himalayan nation after twenty years away. He finds a land where much has changed, with a Maoist government recently elected, women newly empowered and fresh initiatives to deal with the grinding poverty of the majority of the Nepali people. But it's also a land where, in some of the remotest areas, life is lived in much the same way it has been for centuries -- salt caravans, subsistence farming on steep mountain terraces and off-the-grid villages connected by an ancient network of footpaths.


"...a breathtaking journey."
-NOW Magazine

"Cockburn proves a genial companion, with self-depricating humour and his guitar at the ready."
-The Globe and Mail

"[Return to Nepal] has a disarming informality and intimacy that captured my attention, and I was blown away by the powerful images and optimistic message. Very fine work."
-Clarke Mackey, Queen's University Film & Media Department
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