Shadow of Gold Trailer Preview
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***Trailer release: Later in the summer***

Have you ever considered where gold comes from? Why it’s so valued? We’ve teamed up with Films å Cinq and CAPA in Paris to uncover the reality behind this precious metal in our upcoming production The Shadow of Gold.  

The Shadow of Gold is a global investigation of the impact of gold – on the diverse people whose lives are impacted, on the economies of nations and the environment of our planet. We travelled to locations on five continents to meet big and small players involved in the production and consumption of gold along with eminent analysts and historians. From rainforests to gold souks to high tech modern mines, Gold is a fascinating journey around the world and into our past, examining our passion for this mythic metal.

We’re in the middle of post-production for this 2 x 1 hour and feature documentary and should be able to share the trailer with you later this summer. In the meantime, we want to give you a sample of what you can expect with the attached images from the documentary. 

Explore our blog to see some of the production journey. Also don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page for future news on the project.

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