Robert Lang

Robert Lang is the founder / president of Kensington and an internationally recognized documentary Producer/Creator with over 30 years of production experience. In recent years, he helmed The Equalizer and Champions vs Legends, two one-hour programs for CBC Nature of Things, ZDF, ORF and Arte, Risk Factor (TVO, Knowledge BC, Canal D), 3 seasons of the hit CSA-winning, Museum Secrets (History, UKTV, BBC WW, Smithsonian), the 5-part Shameless Idealists (CTV), the 20-part City Sonic transmedia film series (Toronto Int’l Film Festival) and the feature documentaries Raw Opium (TVO, ZDF Arte) and Gemini-winning Diamond Road (TVO, Discovery, ZDF Arte). His feature documentary, The Shadow of Gold (Arte France, SVT, TVO, Canal D), will be released early 2019. Currently he’s Producer of Nature’s Cleanup Crew for CBC Nature of Things.

Impact Campaign: The Shadow of Gold

The Shadow of Gold is a global investigation that reveals the impact of gold mining and the gold trade on our economy, environment and conflicts. We’ve mounted an impact campaign to expand upon the content of the film with social media engagement and live post-screening discussions. VISIT THE SHADOW OF GOLD WEBSITE PICTURED BELOW: PHOTOS […]

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The Shadow of Gold (2019)

WE’RE PRESENTING ADDITIONAL VIRTUAL AND IN-PERSON SCREENINGS IN 2022: FIND OUT MORE The Shadow of Gold is a global investigation of the ultimate talisman of wealth, beauty and power. Filmed in China, Peru, Canada, the U.S., London, Dubai, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Shadow of Gold reveals the impact of gold mining and

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Shadow of Gold Trailer Preview

***Trailer release: Later in the summer*** Have you ever considered where gold comes from? Why it’s so valued? We’ve teamed up with Films å Cinq and CAPA in Paris to uncover the reality behind this precious metal in our upcoming production The Shadow of Gold.   The Shadow of Gold is a global investigation of

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Who’s the Fastest Speed Skater?

Christine Nesbitt Speed Skating in Champions vs. Legends We’ve been focusing much of our social media on the Winter Olympics this year because our recent documentary special, Champions vs. Legends, features a group of talented champion Olympic athletes. Champions vs. Legends Trailer There are many entertaining events scheduled over the next two weeks. The speed

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Champions vs. Legends Trailer

Winter Olympics 2018 – Champions vs. Legends The Winter Olympics 2018 are just over 1 month away. We’ve waited 4 long years to see how each country’s best athletes will perform after years of preparation. With thousands of elite athletes competing in approximately 100 events, it promises to be an exciting two weeks.    Since

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Champions vs. Legends (2018)

A sports science investigation that reveals who comes out on top when today’s top winter athletes compete in vintage gear against legends of the past. Champions vs. Legends premiered on CBC’s The Nature of Things on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 8 PM. The film is an international Canada-Germany-Austria co-production by Kensington Communications, Berlin Producers,

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Update: Raw Opium

In 2011 we produced the feature documentary Raw Opium, an exploration of the pain, pleasure and profits of the opium trade. WATCH RAW OPIUM ON DEMAND We travelled the world to uncover how opium is grown and refined into heroin in Afghanistan, and then transported and used in North America, Europe and worldwide. We revealed

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Equalizer Winter Production Shoots Off

Equalizer Winter Production is Underway Our winter edition of The Equalizer is well under way. The Equalizer Winter is a one-hour Canadian/German co-production that investigates the evolution of technology in sport. The documentary seeks answers to questions such as, what if the greatest high-performance athletes – present and past – could compete against each other

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Live Event: Risk Factor Initiative

We launched the Risk Factor Initiative with a sold-out film premiere and mobile app launch in Canmore, Alberta. We chose Canmore because it’s home to outdoor adventure athlete, Will Gadd, and Parks Canada risk specialist, Grant Statham, both of whom appeared in the Risk Factor documentary film. The Risk Factor Initiative includes screenings and broadcasts of the

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