Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary (2024)

Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary (2024) PREMIERES ON CBC THE NATURE OF THINGS, 9PM, MARCH 28, 2024, AND STREAMING ON CBC GEM Popular nonbinary Canadian comedian and TV sitcom creator Mae Martin explores the science of gender and sexual fluidity. Mae meets scientists responsible for the latest discoveries, observes and participates in on-camera experiments, encounters […]

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Why We Dance (2022)

This bold exploration of the role of dance in evolution premiered on CBC’s THE NATURE OF THINGS on February 25, 2022. More broadcasts in French Canada on ARTV, Ice Explora and throughout Europe coming soon! Check back here for dates and more info.  WATCH NOW ON CBC GEM Dance is a big part of human

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Nature’s Cleanup Crew (2020)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4G7a3WKG6o Nature’s Cleanup Crew (2020) Nature’s Cleanup Crew tells the story of the busy scavengers who live among us in our cities, recycling the mountains of waste our consumer society leaves behind. To us, it’s garbage. To them, it’s dinner. WATCH NOW ON CBC GEM FOR CBC’S THE NATURE OF THINGS AND ZDF ARTE Nature’s

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Risk Navigator (2017)

This stylish and useful app is your personal risk assistant, helping you make informed decisions about all the risks in your life. Want to look before you leap? Try it. Based on research by top risk experts, the app can measure the risk of hundreds of activities. The app will show you how your life

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