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Soaked in Carnival (2023)


Caribbean Carnival is not just any event. It is liberation, a voice of freedom, people in action, a cultural movement that was birthed out of a place of righteous defiance to become a paradise of colourful street parades.

Soaked in Carnival: They Can’t Steal Our Joy tells the story of Carnival through the voices and perspectives of those who keep the tradition alive and strong today. Once feared and suppressed by colonizers, later derided as vulgar and lewd, for the people of the Caribbean and its diaspora Carnival is an essential expression of culture. And beyond that… it is a celebration of resistance and liberation.

This film a co-production between Kensington and Film Garage North for TVO and Knowledge BC with the participation of the Canada Media Fund and the Rogers Documentary Fund. Producer-director: Ian Kimanje; Executive Producer: Robert Lang; Writer: Allen Booth; Director of Photography: Russell Gienapp.