Champions vs. Legends Features Winter Olympics 2018 Athletes

Winter Olympics 2018


The winter Olympics 2018 is just over two weeks away. A total of 93 countries will be sending athletes to Pyeongchang County, South Korea. With 15 sports that combine over 100 events, it’s always exciting to see the world’s best compete.

Aside from providing some much needed entertainment during the frigid winter months, the Winter Olympics brings together a diverse group of exceptional athletes. For 15 days, these future champions are placed onto an international stage, while attempting to push the boundaries of athletic achievement, and pull off career-best performances.

Shea Weber Hardest Slapshot in Champions vs. Legends Kensington Communications


In fact, every year, multiple records are surpassed by a newer generation of athletes and, according to the numbers, elite athletic performance is continually improving. However, are today’s competitors actually better athletes than their predecessors, or are there other forces at play?

Our 45 minute documentary, Champions vs. Legends is a lively 1 hour investigation led by renowned sports scientist Steve Haake. We challenge an elite line-up of winter athletes to compete against the legends of five winter sports in the gear of the past: Christine Nesbitt – Speed Skating, Max Arndt and Alex Rodiger – Bobsleigh, Manuel Feller – Giant Slalom, Anna Schaffelhuber – sit-skiing, and Shea Weber –  Hockey.

Here’s a list of the events each athlete participates in and the legend whom they compete against.

Winter Olympics 2018 Athletes

Event Champion Legend
Speed Skating (1000m) Christine Nesbitt Inga Artamonova
Bobsled (2-man) Max Arndt and Alex Rodiger Frederick Endrich and Fritz Waller
Alpine Skiing (Giant Slalom) Manuel Feller Marc Girardelli
Sit-skiing (Super-G) Anna Schaffelhuber Early sit-ski
Hockey (slap shot) Shea Weber Bobby Hull



You can find out more about the achievements of each Legend in our Champions vs. Legends Trailer article and you can watch the trailer below.



There’s a lot of great content relating to the next Olympics that we’re excited to share. The documentary will be available for streaming on CBC Docs, The Nature of Things, Friday, January 26th at 5pm. The TV broadcast premiere will be Sunday January 28th, 8pm, on your local CBC station on The Nature of Things (Canada Only). The documentary will also be broadcast in French Canada on RDI and Explora during the run-up to the Olympics. Check your local listings for more details.  While watching the Olympics, look out for 5 of our short films airing on CBC and online at during the olympics that will feature the athletes and stories from the one hour documentary.

Winter Olympics schedule 2018

For full details on each event, check out this Winter Olympics schedule 2018 chart provided by the official website.

Also if you’re interested, we’ve put together a list of all of the Olympic events and more below.

List of all Winter Olympics events:

Olympic Event Locations:

Where are the 2018 Winter Olympics?