Olympics 2016: The Equalizer Sports Documentary Re-airing

Olympics 2016: The Equalizer on CBC Nature of Things

Award Winning ‘The Equalizer” Documentary is Re-airing on CBC for the Olympics 2016

Preparing for Olympics 2016 with “The Equalizer”

The Equalizer Sports Documentary series has been a huge success! So it seems fitting that we pass the baton onto the CBC network before and during the Olympics 2016. They will be re-airing the full feature a day before the Olympics games in Rio, Brazil.  If you miss the episode, don’t worry, you can also watch selected shorts in between events broadcasted on CBC.

Working with world class athletes and thought-leading scientists on the project has helped us gain international recognition.  The film, which first aired on CBC’s The Nature of Things on March 3rd, 2016, recently won best Sports Documentary at WorldFest Houston and is a Finalist in Sports Movies and TV at the FICTS Federation in Milan later this year.


Watch the Full Episode

If you missed it back in March, you can watch the full episode of The Equalizer on CBC, August 4th, 2016 at 8pm on The Nature of Things.  During the Olympic coverage, you’ll also be able to watch our Equalizer Challenges, 5 short films broadcast by CBC Sports and online at CBC.


More About ‘The Equalizer”

Every year, athletes set new world records. However, are today’s top performers really better than athletes of the past? Steve Haake, a top sports scientist based in the UK, investigates five major sporting events where technology is a factor. He travels to Canada, the US and Germany to meet five world-class athletes whose sport is impacted by the latest developments in technology.

Haake examines the variables that go into their winning performance for each athlete and he explores variables such as: enhanced athletic gear, training, nutrition and psychology. Then, for the first time ever, Haake equalizes the playing field and challenges them to compete against a legendary athlete using equipment from a bygone era.

About the Producers

Kensington Communications (Canada) co-produced the documentary with Berlin Producers (Germany) for broadcast on CBC-TV’s THE NATURE OF THINGS (Canada).  Additional broadcasters include SRC (French Canada), Ici Explora (French Canada), ZDF (Germany), Arte (Germany/France) and other international broadcasters. Robert Lang is Executive Producer and Producer for Kensington Communications. Kristian Kaehler is Executive Producer for Berlin Producers. “The Equalizer” is directed by Rebecca Snow, written by Allen Booth and narrated by David Suzuki.