10 reasons to buy a Kensington documentary on dvd…

Right. Now.

At Kensington, we know that the years go by quicker than you think (umm, we’re turning 35 next month). One thing that hasn’t changed, is the TV lover’s search for quality shows. While some people think the DVD is on the way out, we beg to differ.

Here are the top 10 reasons to buy a doc on DVD !

1. You’ve got a think global, act local philosophy.

Tunnel and text

2. A compelling documentary on DVD is the perfect present for people who are a little old school.

3. You want to support Canadian producers, directors, writers, editors, researchers, sound technicians and small business.

4. This November, Kensington turns 35 years old! So OF COURSE we’re offering a 35% discount on all our DVDs. Visit the Kensington Store and enter the promo code DVDSALE35 to redeem this special offer!

Kensignton 35% savings

(Offer good today until December 18, 2015; does not apply to educational-use DVDs or streaming)

5. You could host a screening at home for your family or friends, complete with popcorn, and followed by a rousing discussion!

Our doc topics include: the drug trade, the diamond industry, science and environmental issues, history and anthropology, the world’s most incredible museums, Canadian folk music and global musical traditions, health, wellbeing and harm reduction. (Ask us more about our content and we can recommend docs you will enjoy!)

6. What? No internet connection?

Internet is down

7. The holidays are around the corner, and you need to get some gifts.

8. You would be surprised how many people enjoy collecting films.

9. It’s time to overhaul your bookshelf?


You want to share your views and values with others in a non-confrontational manner. Watch, then pay it forward.

What are your reasons for collecting DVDs? We’d love to hear from you!