Green means go!

We’re excited to announce a trio of productions in various stages of development. There’s something for sports fans, science-lovers, political activists and people who are intrigued by risk-taking!

The Equalizer

Kensington has received the green light from CBC and Arte ZDF for a one-hour sports documentary —The Equalizer — which will examine how technology has influenced world class athletes and competitions. We’ll pit world champs of today vs. their record-setting colleagues of the past to see who would come out on top if technology is factored into (and out of) the equation. This is a coproduction with Berlin Producers.


Myrtle Cook of Canada (left) winning a preliminary heat in the women’s 100 metres race at the VIIIth Summer Olympic Games. (Photo credit: Library and Archives Canada, PA-150994)


“Why Young People Don’t Vote”

That provocative headline is the working title of our newest co-production with newcomer Triple Threat Films — made up of Ian Waddell, Kyle McCachen, and Dylan Playfair. The film will explore the ways that youth engage in political issues (hint: that doesn’t always mean turning up on election day). This documentary will take you to select Canadian and U.S. cities on the verge of municipal or mid-term elections, Burning Man festival and other notable locations. WYPDV is currently in production for TVO, CPAC and others.

Risk Factor

It can be a struggle to weigh the risk factors in a society where the media discourse is filled with conflicting assessments. How do we process slow-burning threats over perceived immediate danger? When do we believe statements made by politicians? And when should we trust our instincts? Risk Factor will seek out risk professionals to glean their knowledge, methods and secrets – information that may help us better assess risks in our personal lives, in our community and to humanity. Lots to explore in this one-hour doc in development for TVO!


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