We’ve got beautiful clips for you

It was a logical next step. Especially for an independent cross-platform production company like ours.

K-Stocks for You

When you’re in the business of capturing moving images you acquire a LOT of footage. You want to use all of the good stuff in your productions but inevitably, a lot of good tape gets left on the cutting room floor.

We’re a resourceful company – and that’s why archiving and sharing our footage was a logical extension of our work. We’ve travelled the world for our shows – so you don’t have to! All the footage from our factual TV shows and documentaries, shot in HD over the last six years, means thousands upon thousands of possible clips.

There are a bunch of stock footage sites already out there – and we won’t be trying to compete with the giants who boast millions of clips – but we think there is a market for rare and cultivated footage (not to mention low prices and friendly service!) that you will get from a small-shop buying experience. 

As we continue to grow our collection and add new clips, we’d love to hear from you. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know and we will do our best to get it. Our service is fast, friendly and always customized to your project.

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Think of Kensington STOCK the next time you’re looking for those special moving pictures or if that’s not your bag, please tell your visual-oriented colleagues and friends!
Get in touch with us at 416-504-9822 or email stock@kensingtontv.com to discuss options for your project.
You can find us online at: kensingtontv.com/stock

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