“Balancing” Act: David Suzuki and the Blue Dot Tour

David Suzuki wants to see “the right to a healthy environmentenshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, so the environmental activist is going on what he says will be his last speaking tour this fall. His plan?

David Suzuki and the Blue Dot Tour

Mobilize community leaders and groups, local governments, First Nations, musicians, writers, legal experts (and you!) to pressure the federal government to take action.

Suzuki announced earlier this week that the Blue Dot Tour will travel the country from St. Johns to Victoria (with 20 stops in between) and feature special guests such as Margaret Atwood, Neil Young, Feist, Grimes, Bruce Cockburn, and the Barenaked Ladies.

The Blue Dot Tour is named after the view of our “blue dot” planet from space, also referred to as “the blue marble” by astronauts. A few years ago we worked with David on a documentary project based on his book The Sacred Balance. The four-part series of the same name, celebrates a new scientific worldview, an inclusive vision of nature in which we human beings are intimately connected to all life processes on Earth.

In our trailer for The Sacred Balance Suzuki asks, “Since time began, human have looked up into the night sky and wondered, where did it all come from? Where do we fit in?”

To get some answers, Suzuki traveled to five continents and spoke to legions of scientists and thought leaders. He spoke with Canadian astronaut Julie Payette at the Johnson Space Center in Houston:

He spoke with scientist James Lovelock who was chosen by NASA to search for signs of life in the solar system. What Lovelock concluded changed the way scientists see our world:

Watch The Sacred Balance
If you’re a lover of this blue dot we call home and want to watch David Suzuki travel five continents exploring our relationship with it, we invite you to watch The Sacred Balance on Vimeo On Demand or at The Kensington Store where you can also buy the DVDThe four episodes are available online to rent or purchase individually or as a set.

“It’s one of the most important and engrossing programs you’ll see on the small screen all year… It might very well go down as the crowning achievement in the career of David Suzuki.”
– Basem Boshra, The Montreal Gazette