Are you getting The Real News?

Tired of the same news cycle and spin? Want your news and current affairs reporting to be independent? Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re getting the true story, especially when commercial or government financial interests are so central to the mix. 

What is The Real News Network?

Well, The Real News Network ( is one independent news source that reports on the untold international stories and newsmakers and they do it without funding from corporations, advertisers or government – they are fully funded by viewers. TRNN is bringing needed attention to local, national and international issues that aren’t getting fully covered by most media.

Kensington President Robert Lang has been a TRNN board member for over six years. As a documentary filmmaker, Robert is very aware of how difficult it is to get tough, uncompromising stories into the mainstream media. He’s always appreciated the vision of its founder, Paul Jay, the independent analysis of its guests, and solid journalism of its staff. TRNN has grown from its modest roots in Toronto to its current offices and studios in an impressive converted warehouse building in Downtown Baltimore. Today, with a strong slate of regular guests and correspondents in many parts of the world, TRNN has built a large and loyal base of support.

This weekend, Robert will be attending the grand opening of the media centre and board meeting in Baltimore. We’ll post a clip from the festivities, but for now watch this clip “Most Media Won’t Address The Issue Of Class” featuring former CBC journalist Paul Jay, now Senior Editor of TRNN. It’s also a good clip to get a sense of their mission and how they count on viewer-support: