Museum Secrets’ History Themed Playlists Now Available to Teachers

For the educational distribution of our hit TV series “Museum Secrets” we’ve teamed up with McNabb Connolly, the biggest educational distributor in Canada, to design an innovative format available for purchase by educators at secondary schools and universities. 

Organized thematically, there are 10 Museum Secrets playlists that each feature 10 selected segments from the Museum Secrets series, spanning 22 episodes at the world’s most renowned museums.

The playlists are organized so as to be more easily used in lesson plans around popular history course topics:

Art & Artists
Religious Studies/ History
Military History / Weaponry – Pre 1900
Military History / Weaponry – Post 1900
Ancient Civilizations
Society’s Elite – What Really Happened
Anthropology / Archaeology
20th Century History
Life Sciences
Science and Technology

We are happy about this initiative, which enables us to continue our long-standing commitment to educational programming and to distribute our content laterally across the mediascape.

To see the Museum Secrets playlists and featured stories, visit McNabb Connolly’s website:

Do you know a teacher who wants to plan a lesson around these topics? Send this link their way and let them know about Museum Secrets playlists.