Kensington Attended the Digi Awards for a ‘Best in Mobility’ Nomination

David Oppenheim, Kensington’s interactive producer on the ScopifyROM mobile app, and Amanda Connon-Unda, Kensington’s social media lead, attended the Digi Awards this week at The Carlu historic venue in Toronto. 

ScopifyROM for a Digi Nomination

ScopifyROM was nominated in the category for Best in Mobility along with 4 other competitors, but did not take home the award. At the end of the awards ceremony (hosted by the very funny and energetic Arisa Cox) Kensington wished Blue Ant Media’s Raja Khanna a big congratulations on their win for the new Travel and Escape app that took the award.

Prior to the evening gala, the Next Media Events Conference took place, and included insights from Google and YouTube representatives on how to get a ‘hit’ video online, as well as talks on funding for cross-platform projects from representatives from the Canadian Media Fund and Bell Fund.

There was an interesting session on changes in content distribution and consumption entitled “Has Online Video Killed the Television Star?” featuring players in both the TV and YouTube space: Mitchell Moffit president of the successful YouTube Channel AsapSCIENCE, Michel Pratte VP, Media Ventures at Temple Street Productions, J.J. Johnson, Partner and Executive Producer at Sinking Ship Entertainment, and Dave Brown in Strategic Partnerships at YouTube/ Google. The panel was expertly moderated by the Canadian Film Centre’s Chief Digital Officer, Ana Serrano, as panelists discussed the fact that there’s no winning formula for web, and talked about ways to get good content out on multiple platforms and get more people to engage with it. The YouTube producer Mitch talked a lot about analytics and J.J. talked about producing niche content and working with broadcasters on favourable licensing deals for both TV networks and web.

Digi Awards

As usual both Next Media Events and the Digi Awards are good industry events to attend to get a sense of what’s on the minds of other likeminded professionals in the broadcasting, advertising, and digital industries. We were glad to have attended and pleased to represent the company as nominees. We look forward to seeing more familiar faces next year!

– Amanda (Social Media Lead)