Get 2 of our social issues documentaries for free

As we continue to release our series of older award-winning documentaries for free on our YouTube Channel, today we have two documentaries about important family and social issues and the compelling stories of courageous and hopeful individuals faced with life’s challenges.

Free Access to Two Amazing Documentaries

Stepdancing: Portrait of a Remarried Family is a documentary that pre-dates the reality TV genre, featuring the true story of a “blended” family, with the first-person experience of acclaimed Children’s Singer-Songwriter duo Kim and Jerry Brodey. In case you don’t remember them from the 1980’s, they’re 2-time Juno nominees for their 1986 album Family Pie and their 1996 album Like a Ripple on the Water. They also received a 1983 American Library Notable Recording Award and an Action For Children’s Television Award for Responsible Programming, meanwhile the documentary won top honours in its class at the American Film and Video Festival.

Narrating Stepdancing is eleven-year-old Oliver who talks openly about establishing new families that incorporate the members and shared history of the old. See into the lives of the Brodey’s as we reveal the intimate challenges and joys of living with two families in two homes.

Up Next, A Place in the World, produced and directed by Kensington’s president Robert Lang, spotlights a community where people with intellectual and physical disabilities were encouraged to reach their full potential. Taking place at “Maison Emmanuel” in the Laurentians (north of Montreal), Kensington’s lens followed Martin Langlois as he participated in a transformative experience and then tracked the shift in the perceptions that outsiders had about people with mental disabilities.

Awarded the Vision Humanitarian Award at Hot Docs in 1997, A Place in the World has received much acclaim. Tony Atherton’s TV Spotlight in the Ottawa Citizen called it “A moving one-hour portrait,” and Jim Bawden of Starweek Magazine says it is “…virtually a must see.”

See for yourself, and let us know what you think:

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