Download ScopifyROM Today!

Be one of the first to investigate the Royal Ontario Museum’s collection in ways never possible before!

Today, we launch our new free mobile app that allows visitors at the Royal Ontario Museum to “open the case” and interact directly with its incredible artifacts and specimens. It is now available for iOS and Android devices at

Once you have the new app and the series of 13 “scopes” contained within, you can uncover exclusive research and curatorial secrets during your next ROM visit!

One App. Many Ways to See.

Animate a dodo, x-ray a cat mummy, or make a dino come to life with the world’s first Scopify™ smartphone app.

The inspiration for the app came when Executive Producer Robert Lang checked out mobile apps at museums all over the world when making the hit TV series, Museum Secrets.

“Many museums worldwide are trying to engage their visitors using mobile devices, but few have succeeded.” says Robert Lang. ”Some are too complicated, others focus the visitor’s attention away from the museum itself and into the screen. We wanted Scopify to enhance the experience of being in a museum by converting the mobile device into a set of tools that allows the visitor to interact with museum objects in real-time.”

Before your next ROM visit, download ScopifyROM and then follow along on Facebook & Twitter to hear more news!

Enjoy our new museum app!

– The Kensington team