Documentary Highlight: David Suzuki in “The Sacred Balance”

In Kensington’s 2002 TV documentary series, The Sacred Balance, David Suzuki examines and¬†celebrates a new scientific world-view and an inclusive vision of nature. Today, Suzuki continues to work fearlessly on environmental issues.

In his Huffington Post article today, he looked at waste-incineration and the issues with that approach. He urges us to take a different path and consider diverting more compostable, recyclable and reusable materials away from the dump.

“It would be far better to sort trash into organics, recyclables and products that require careful disposal. We could then divert these different streams to minimize our waste impacts and produce new commodities. Organics used in biomass energy systems could help offset fossil fuel use while creating valuable supplies of fertilizers. Diversion and recycling lessen the need to extract new resources and disrupt the environment while creating more value and jobs. That’s a win all around!” – David Suzuki, a column in The Huffington Post

Take a look at our clip from The Sacred Balance, in which Suzuki talks with James Lovelock, the controversial scientist who formulated the influential Gaia Hypothesis:

In The Sacred Balance David Suzuki tours 5 continents and discovers the universal human need for harmony in nature on earth. The Sacred Balance is now available on streaming for $2.00 per episode, and on DVD for all 4 episodes for $30.00, on our store.