Reality TV Parody Trailers Trend on Twitter

We recently heard about the hilarious and effective #TVGoneWrong video campaign on the Inside TV blog of Entertainment Weekly, and we want you to watch the videos and tell us what you think.

The campaign was masterminded by the local PBS affiliate THIRTEEN to draw attention to the state of TV programming and they ask people to support independent public television.

On their campaign webpage they’re taking donations to support their commercial-free network and the series they produce like NatureMasterpiece’s Downton AbbeyFrontlineSesame StreetPBS NewsHour, and American Experience.

Check out just how popular the #TVGoneWrong spoofs were:

  • On Twitter the #TVGONEWRONG hashtag has garnered hundreds of tweets. 
  • On community members were obsessed with the song at the end of the spoof and one video garnered 190 comments. 

Watch the hilarious trailers below and tell us what you think.

 Meet the Tanners — “I think that the ability to tan is something that you’re born with.”

Long Island Landscapers — “This is Long Island, not Florida.”

Clam Kings — “What business you’ve got talking about my family’s clams?!”

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– Amanda at, Social Media Lead