Exploring planet Earth and our place within it, with David Suzuki (VIDEO)

Back in 2002, for our TV documentary series on CBC, The Sacred Balance, we teamed up with environmentalist David Suzuki to travel to 5 continents and learn about our human need for harmony in nature on planet earth. Now, we have excerpts!

The short clips showcase the journey along the way, and are available on our YouTube channel. Take a short trip around the world, as you watch these fascinating clips.

Shot in Canada and India, science broadcaster David Suzuki narrates the opening sequence for one of the 4 episodes: ‘Water and Air’.

In a modern metropolis, David Suzuki comments on a sacred ceremony performed by Tibetan monks in a shopping mall and he questions the world we live in.

Outside of Cusco, Peru, David Suzuki is guided by Wade Davis to see a sacred valley that the Inca people revere.

In the rainforest on the West Coast of the US, in California, David Suzuki meets a soil scientist Elaine Ingham  to learn about the incredible biodiversity of the soil found here.

On the Haida Gwaii islands in Canada David Suzuki participates in a traditional totem pole raising ceremony and tells us about the spirituality and sacred rituals of the Haida people.

And… In the San Gabriel Mountains in California, USA, at the Mount Baldy telescope observatory, David Suzuki and Brian Swimme see far away galaxies.

To watch more of The Sacred Balance, you can stream the shows or purchase DVDs here.

Have you visited any of these remarkable places?
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