Watch Excerpts from Stan Rogers Musical Biography (VIDEO)

To honor the 30th anniversary since the death of an iconic Canadian folk musician, we have several excerpts for you from our 1-hour documentary about Stan Rogers, One Warm Line. Stan’s songs are quintessentially Canadian… Watch these clips to hear and see why. 

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“Make and Break Harbour” Sung by Stan Rogers (From One Warm Line) 

Stan explains his enduring connection to the Maritimes, where his mother was born and where he frequently visited. His personal connection is heard clearly in his song “Make or Break Harbour” which explores the endangered fishing traditions that that life encompasses.

Stan Rogers Sings “The Jeannie C.” (From One Warm Line) 

Stan Rogers released “The Jeannie C.” on his 1978 folk music album, Turnaround. In the introduction to this video clip Stan says “Canadians are like puppies. They like to be liked. Well maybe it’s time they started growing up and started showing their teeth.” In his song he laments a ship that went down and the loss of a sailor’s way of life.

Canadian Folk Legend Stan Rogers Sings “The Field Behind the Plow”  

Stan Rogers brother and bandmate, Garnet Rogers, discusses the band’s tours in Western Canada and the things they saw that were foreign to their experience. In this excerpt from One Warm Line, Garnet reveals the genesis of the classic Stan Rogers song The Field Behind the Plow.

To see more of Stan Rogers life and music, and the inspiration behind more of his iconic Canadian songs,  Watch our documentary, One Warm Line.


Amanda Connon-Unda,

Social Media Manager and Blogger at Kensington