Museum Secrets Season 3 Gets Green-Light!

After a second hit season on History Television Canada, Kensington has begun prep work for another batch of Museum Secrets shows, to roll out early in 2013. Our terrific production team is back, many of the same people from last year, digging up more secrets ‘dark and strange’.

In Season 2, we travelled the world to seek out the extraordinary objects and dramatic moments from history that lie hidden inside the world’s finest museums. We love making these shows and it seems audiences love watching them – the numbers of people who’ve found Museum Secrets has grown steadily in Canada, the UK, Australia and around the world, proving that museums are anything but boring!

Along with our broadcasts, continues to be a popular destination to explore the great stories from the series through videos and interactive features.

Stay tuned to the Museum Secrets blog and website, for production news and reports from the field as we produce Season 3 of Museum Secrets.