New Raw Opium website + more screenings in USA, Canada

In March we launched a site to create awareness about our feature documentary, Raw Opium and the issues it addresses. Now we’re getting ready to release version 2.0, planning more screenings and continuing grassroots outreach efforts in North America.

Since we launched the documentary in Canada, we’ve screened Raw Opium and held accompanying panel discussions at DOXA Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver, in Toronto (May 25th) and Ottawa (July 14th).

Many members of the audience give us their feedback following these screenings, which propels us to continue our format of screening plus panel, to effectively engage the audience on the issues. One attendee said, “Riveting documentary and the best argument I’ve seen for the decriminalization of drugs.” Another said, “I was aware of the absurdity of the whole war on drugs thing before, but the film plus the panel made me really understand the issue.”

Following the success of these screenings, we’ll screen Raw Opium in Victoria, BC, in the fall, and starting in late August, we’ll work with select groups to screen it at conferences in the United States. With screening requests from around the world, including Scotland and Russia, we’re also trying to facilitate these requests.

As we continue to solidify our US launch plans, we’ve teamed up with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), and we are looking forward to promoting our US launch with them.

Stay tuned to and our facebook page for news about upcoming screenings and our TV broadcast dates.