Museum Secrets, Season 2: First two museums revealed

In the last few months we’ve started shooting 8 new episodes of our TV series, Museum Secrets, for History Television Canada. Stay tuned to where we’ll reveal the broadcast dates before the new year. But for now, we’re putting the spotlight on two of the museums that appear next season.

National Archaeological Museum of Athens

In March, director David New (Museum Secrets: Inside the Louvre) and the crew travelled to Athens, where they explored the city and amazing ancient ruins in the countryside. At the National Archaeological Museum of Athens we examined artifacts and their fascinating stories in order to trace the history of western civilization, legendary myths and gods.

The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

In June we flew to Russia to explore one of the foremost icons of world heritage, where director David Langer and the team captured some great stories at the Hermitage – a very grand museum, with nearly 400 rooms.

You can see below what beautiful surroundings the Hermitage is made of, with ornate fixtures that have been around for centuries.

To find out which museums we feature next, be sure to check our series blog: or our facebook page or another update here on the Kensington blog.