Museum Secrets exhibit at the ROM

It’s not too late to catch a great development underway with our TV series, Museum Secrets and the ROM. Several weeks ago the iconic Toronto museum decided to use Museum Secrets to inform a special limited-run exhibit based on our show.

For just one week more, six of the objects from the TV series, Museum Secrets, from the episode Inside the Royal Ontario Museum, will be on public display as part of the Out of the Vaults series. This upcoming weekend, ROM curators are taking questions once more from the public about the secret objects from the Museum Secrets show. (View the schedule here.)

David Evans, an Associate Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the ROM, who is also in the TV show, said “People mentioned the TV show and said they were interested in seeing the objects first hand…. Both the TV show and the exhibit series have identical goals: to take objects that are part of the museum but aren’t often seen and bring those stories out into the open. Both highlight new or exciting research and they illustrate that the museum is not just a stagnant place where objects gather dust. They show that there’s a large group of people behind the scenes that are actively taking part in researching those objects and broadening our knowledge on a whole range of issues, scientifically and culturally. There are many people at the museum who work on permanent exhibits who not only curate but actively research and push new areas of discoveries.”

When? Saturday, February 5 to Monday, February 27, 2011

Where? At the ROM in the Canada Court on the Museum’s Level 1.