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Biggest Little Ticket (1994)

A young girl is transported to an enchanted theatre in a musical fantasy starring some of the biggest names in children’s entertainment.

Biggest Little Ticket premiered on CTV, and was broadcast on YTV and in many countries around the world.


“…as good an hour of TV as you’ll see… the show will enthral young viewers and teach them some valuable lessons.” – Mike Boone, The Montreal Gazette

“…the kind of TV that parents are always demanding.” – Shirley Knott, The Globe and Mail, Broadcast Week

“Robert Lang is the Cecil B. DeMille of children’s television specials.” – Mike Boone, TV Times


Alliance for Children & Television’s Award of Excellence and Best Children’s Production at the Yorkton Film & Television Festival

Nominated for a Gemini Award

Selected for screening at the Banff Television Festival


Starring Sheila McCarthy, Robert Munsch, Fred Penner, Rockapella, Iggy the Iguana and newcomer Asia Viera, Biggest Little Ticket combines performances by some of the biggest names in children’s entertainment with a heartwarming (and charmingly silly) story.

Young Glenda (Asia Viera) finally gets what she’s always wanted for her birthday: a shiny new bicycle! Problem is, she doesn’t know how to ride it. As she sits sobbing under a tree, a Troll (Sheila McCarthy) appears with a magic ticket to a concert in an enchanted theatre – a musical celebration of the 900th birthday of a Dragon.

When she arrives at the theatre, Glenda discovers hundreds of children, already enjoying the musical show. But when it’s time for the grand finale… the birthday Dragon goes missing! Glenda and the Troll search everywhere and eventually find him hiding in the theatre’s cold, dark basement. The Dragon has a secret shame: he can’t breath fire like a dragon should.

Through Glenda’s courage and the efforts of all the Biggest Little Ticket stars, the Dragon finds the confidence to breathe fire. The whole experience gives Glenda confidence too – just what she needs to master riding her new bike.

Biggest Little Ticket is a musical fantasy of courage and magical discovery for the entire family.

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