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Shadow of Gold - Chinese Gold Miner

Gold, the ultimate talisman of wealth, power and beauty.

Our upcoming project, ‘Gold’ is more than half way through completion. We’ve travelled to diverse corners of the globe to speak to experts and hear the voices of the communities affected by the gold trade. This isn’t the first time that we’ve produced such a project. We embarked on similar journeys for previous feature documentaries such as Diamond Road and Raw Opium.

Kensington Communications Gold project crew

For the Gold project, we travel from Toronto, the mining capital of the world, to rain forests and to gold souks, from China and Peru to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya, to Northern Canada. We’re excited to embark on this fascinating journey into our civilization’s past, examining our abiding passion for this mythic, lustrous metal.

Gold is the ultimate talisman of wealth, power and beauty. From the times of ancient Egypt to the Spanish Conquistadors to the days of the Klondike, we’ve been gripped by gold fever. We’re excited to explore how gold has ingrained itself in our myths, our traditions and our religions. Hopefully the documentary will unveil a shimmering explanation for Gold’s powerful, enduring and timeless allure.

We also look at the price of gold. Where does it come from now that gold is no longer considered money? Where does it derive its value? More than half of humanity’s gold has been extracted in the last fifty years and the price of gold has reached dizzying heights. It’s the Modern Gold Rush.

But with that has often come the shadow side of this dazzling metal as workers around the world toil for ‘conflict gold.’ Artisanal miners’, individuals and families brave the toughest conditions in the search for gold. We discover how engineers, scientists and community activists are seeking solutions to address environmental and humanitarian concerns. Stay tuned join us on our journey when the documentary is broadcast in 2018.

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