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The Sacred Balance (2002)
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Hosted by David Suzuki, this award-winning series celebrates a new inclusive vision of nature.

The Sacred Balance premiered on CBC, and aired on Canal D (Quebec), PBS Network (USA), Vision TV, and networks around the world.


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The Sacred Balance was supported by an innovative website (online from 2002 to 2010) with interactive features created in collaboration with scientists who appeared on camera in the series.



“The Sacred Balance is a spiritual, holistic and almost poetic take on the science of the planet…it launch[es] the viewer’s mind into a different space.” – Liane Faulder, The Edmonton Journal

“The Sacred Balance is a challenge to all who watch it, a cornucopia of amazing comments and predictions. It’s TV designed to make you think.” – Jim Bawden, Toronto Star, Starweek Magazine

“Stunning cinematography and state of the art computer graphics” – Andrea Nemetz, Halifax Chronicle Herald

“The Sacred Balance is an enthralling, beautifully shot series…It’s one of the most important and engrossing programs you’ll see on the small screen all year… [it] might very well go down as the crowning achievement in the career of David Suzuki.” – Basem Boshra, The Montreal Gazette

“The Sacred Balance is a timeless piece, brilliantly conceived and executed, and an example of science and environment exposition at its best.” – E.O. Wilson, writer and Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

“Suzuki’s talent has always been to take broad scientific topics and decipher and deliver them to viewers in plain, accessible terms. He’s very good at it…while there’s much to digest in this series, his tone is always patient and pragmatic” – Andrew Ryan, The Globe and Mail

“The Sacred Balance is strikingly beautiful and sometimes even profound…[it] becomes increasingly affecting as it piles up scientific research with remarkable dexterity.” – Tony Atherton, The Ottawa Citizen


2004 Platinum Award- Ecology, Environment, and Conservation (WorldFest Houston)

2003 Science & Society Prize (20th Annual International Television Science Programme Festival, Paris)

2003 Golden Sheaf- Science & Nature (Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival)

2003 Golden Sheaf- Best Sound (Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival)


The Sacred Balance is based on a book by David Suzuki and Amanda McConnell.

It presents a new inclusive vision of nature in which we human beings are intimately connected to all life processes on Earth.

In the series, David Suzuki goes on a journey to meet the best minds of the age. Philosophers, priests and shamans share with him their visions and perspectives of the universe. And scientists including E.O. Wilson, Ary Goldberger, Brian Goodwin, Wade Davis, Stephen Lansing, Elaine Ingham and James Lovelock reveal the meaning behind their perceptions and discoveries. We hear astonishing tales of the world’s infinite complexity. Through many knowledgeable eyes, guided by many wise hearts, we are reminded of who we are: creatures of the Earth, biological beings totally dependent upon the planet’s life support systems.