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Diamond Road (2007)
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This Gemini Award winner explores the historical, cultural and political facets of the world’s most intriguing gem.

Diamond Road was broadcast on TVO, Discovery Times, History Television, Knowledge Network, Canal D, SBS-TV Australia and ZDF/ARTE. World Premiere at the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA).


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“A brilliant three parter.” – Jim Bawden, Starweek Magazine (Toronto Star)

“A gripping picture of the world and the myth behind the much-loved stone.” – Erik Jensen, Sydney Morning Herald


Best Documentary Series at 23rd Annual Gemini Awards, October 2008.

Top prize (Platinum) for Documentary Feature at the 41st Annual WorldFest in Houston (for the feature length version of Diamond Road).

Selected for International Documentary festival Amsterdam (IDFA)


Boring deep into its subject, Diamond Road seeks to understand the multiple meanings of a precious stone that is as old as our planet.

Every year, 24 tons of diamonds are teased from the heart of the earth. Once mined they begin a twelve-month journey through “the pipeline” – a vast, secretive network spanning five continents. By the end of the journey these tiny bits of carbon will have made a fortune for some and virtual slaves of others.

Diamond Road reveals the contrasting impact that diamonds have on those involved in the trade: In Sierra Leone… an impoverished miner; in India… a child cutter and a prominent businessman; in New York… a celebrity jeweller and a high-end dealer. Their stories are interwoven with that of a diamond industry leader who fights for transparency and fair trade. Each character is on a journey to realize a dream that centres on a stone which is itself a dream – a manufactured symbol of love, purity and the sublime. The result is a multi-layered portrait of a fascinating world, steeped in a history of intrigue, conflict, love and hope.