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Diamond Road Online (2007)
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Diamond Road Online – developed as the companion to our Diamond Road documentary series – provides expanded content within an online environment where users can shape the story, receive content recommendations from other users, and be guided by an innovative Recommendation Engine.


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Excellence in News/Information at the Canadian New Media Awards, October 2008.

Selected for the SIGGRAPH ’08 conference, August 2008.


On Diamond Road Online, users can create online profiles that launch them on a vibrant community exploration of the global diamond trade. Using a custom designed set of client tools, they can move through the stories in a guided experience or take a more active path to explore the Diamond Road universe using our Recommendation Engine: intelligent software that analyzes what they have already seen, what other users have seen and rated, and recommends what they should see next.

Users can choose to follow a favourite character, find out more about a specific theme, or sit back and let other users or the Recommendation Engine choose a story. At any point, they can become an “editor” of the story by creating, commenting on, and sharing content sequences.

Diamond Road Online harnesses the power of technology and community to build an interactive documentary that learns from each user and is defined by the community.