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City Sonic (2009)
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Through an immersive multi-platform music-video experience, 20 of Toronto’s top music artists tell intimate stories about the places and musical events that inspired them.

A co-venture of Kensington Communications and White Pine Pictures, City Sonic was distributed as an interactive experience for mobile and the web, and the short films were packaged as a four-episode half-hour series for AUX and IFC in Canada.

The project was selected for screening at the Toronto International Film Festival 2009. While the website has been decommissioned, you can still watch the videos on YouTube.


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City Sonic unlocks the hidden history of Toronto’s music scene.

As a nexus of Canadian music, the city has been enriched by wave after wave of homegrown and international musicians. Its stages, streets and alleys resonate with the notorious jams, numbing heartaches, and lucky breaks that are the city’s musical DNA.

City Sonic is a multi-platform music series that delivers its stories straight into the hands of music fans. It’s their mobile backstage, all-access pass to 20 revealing short films featuring contemporary music stars including Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene, Cancer Bats, Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies, Sarah Slean, Fucked Up, Justin Rutledge, Danko Jones, Divine Brown, and Geddy Lee of Rush!

Each short film tells the story of one musician and their shared history with a legendary Toronto music venue. City Sonic creates a high level of engagement with the city through breakthrough location-based storytelling and a gaming component made for smartphones.