What are Blood Diamonds?
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What are blood diamonds and how did these intriguing gems get that name? Watch for yourself in our award-winning 3 part documentary series ‘ Diamond Road’,  which explores the many facets of the world’s most sought after stone.BLOOD DIamonds from Diamond Road

This is one of our most detailed works which lead us to 4 different continents, landing a Gemini Award and other honourable mentions in the process.  You can now stream the documentary on Vimeo through subscription, rent or download.  Our intention is to shed light on the process of diamond mines and conflict diamonds, which have lead to millions of deaths over the past few decades.  Blood diamonds are used in peoples diamonds, jewelry, wedding rings and even in many fashion pieces.

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Every year 24 tons of diamonds are teased from the heart of the earth. Once mined they begin their year-long journey through the “pipeline,” a vast network encompassing five continents and a diverse cast of characters. By the end of their journey these tiny bits of carbon will have made multi-millionaires of some and virtual slaves of others.

Boring deep into the diamond world, Diamond Road seeks to understand the multiple meanings this object has for a few of the fascinating people who are part of the diamond pipeline – international prospector, impoverished miner, child cutter, celebrity jeweller, smuggler, high-end dealer. Interwoven with their stories is the determined pursuit of one industry leader to bring fairness and transparency to this secretive world. What results is a multi-layered portrait of a stone which is steeped in a history of intrigue, conflict, love and hope.

Learn more about blood diamonds and the diamond mine industry in our 3 part documentary, ‘Diamond Road’




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