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72 Hours
True Crime
River of Sand
Hosted by Bruce Cockburn
The Drop
Why Young People Don't Vote
Raw Opium
Pain, Pleasure, Profits
Almost Home
A Sayisi Dene Journey
One Warm Line
The Legacy of Stan Rogers

Gold, the ultimate talisman of wealth, power and beauty. Our upcoming project, ‘Gold’ is more than half way through completion. We’ve travelled to diverse corners of the globe to speak to experts and hear the voices of the communities affected by the gold trade. This isn’t the first time that we’ve produced such a project. […]

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In 2008 we produced Raw Opium, an investigation of the pain, pleasure and profits that surround the Raw Opium trade.  We travelled the world to uncover how opium is grown & refined into Heroin in Afghanistan, and then transported and used in North America, Europe and worldwide. We revealed the forces that make the illegal […]

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Equalizer Winter Production is Underway Our winter edition of The Equalizer is well under way. The Equalizer Winter is a one-hour Canadian/German co-production that investigates the evolution of technology in sport. The documentary seeks answers to questions such as, what if the greatest high-performance athletes – present and past – could compete against each other […]

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