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River of Sand
Hosted by Bruce Cockburn
72 Hours
True Crime
One Warm Line
The Legacy of Stan Rogers
Raw Opium
Pain, Pleasure, Profits
Almost Home
A Sayisi Dene Journey
This Gemini award-winning series was an original breed in the 90s and likely inspired the long-running forensic crime shows still popular today. From 1997 to 2001 Kensington produced a TV series called Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science. The stories on Exhibit A were based on true cases. The forensic scientists and investigators were the actual individuals […] more
Nida and Hira Jamal were born as conjoined twins in Karachi, Pakistan. Conjoined twins occur approximately once in every 200,000 births, but twins joined at the head (craniopagus twins) are even more rare. At the time, society shunned them. Their country’s medical facilities could not help them. Their family was desperate, poor and isolated. Their loving […] more
“Independent producers stand to lose a lot” – Michael Hennessy, CMPA In his opening address at the Canadian Media Producers Association’s annual Prime Time conference in Ottawa on March 4, CMPA President and CEO Michael Hennessy said we may be living in the golden age of TV, but in Canada we are living in the […] more
This 2014 special edition DVD is an enhanced version of 'One Warm Line' more

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