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In a previous post we told you about our latest co-production, a one-hour documentary with the working title “Why Young People Don’t Vote”. The young filmmaking duo of Kyle McCachen and Dylan Playfair have travelled to new locations since our last update, gathering more interviews and footage for their film. Kyle is the director/producer of the documentary and Dylan is […] more
If you’re a fan of documentaries, check this list to see if your recent fave made the Oscar longlist. The Academy said last Friday that 134 documentaries were submitted for consideration. We linked all the documentary websites to this alphabetical list, so you can judge for yourself which films are leading contenders. While the majority are […] more
You know that creepy feeling you get when you’re the last person at work, alone in the office? Well, at Kensington that happens more often than it should… Yes, we’re no stranger to murder mysteries and scary true stories — in fact, we produced two long-running crime television shows Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science and 72 Hours: True […] more

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