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The Sacred Balance
hosted by David Suzuki
My Beat
The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn
Raw Opium
Pain, Pleasure, Profits
One Warm Line
The Legacy of Stan Rogers
River of Sand
Hosted by Bruce Cockburn
72 Hours
True Crime
Last week, Sarah Hammer’s cycling coach and husband Andy Sparks sent us an update: I am happy to report that our team won the first-ever team pursuit at our world championships in March. The sad news is that we had to beat Canada in the process…. This is the first-ever win in this event for […] more
Seeking a Digital Marketing Manager, job description below! Please share with your networks and if you qualify, we welcome your resume, cover letter and samples of your work by May 10, 2016. Kensington Communications is one of Canada’s leading documentary production companies with over 35 years experience producing award-winning documentaries and TV series. http://kensingtontv.com Based […] more
For over 50 years, Canadians can say they better understand science and environmental issues thanks to David Suzuki. Tomorrow night, a one-hour doc on his life Suzuki@80 will air on The Nature of Things. We’ve had the pleasure of working with David Suzuki over the years on many productions, working especially closely with him to produce the four-part […] more

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