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Diamond Road
Many Facets of the World
The Sacred Balance
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The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn
One Warm Line
The Legacy of Stan Rogers
Return to Nepal
Hosted by Bruce Cockburn
With a new Emmy nomination to her name, you might say Nisha Pahuja has the world before her…  Nisha Pahuja’s documentary The World Before Her – about two young Indian women pursuing very different paths – is being recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in the category: Outstanding Coverage of a Current News Story – […] more
Looking for a compelling Canadian documentary to watch? We suggest Almost Home: A Sayisi Dene Journey that first aired on CBC’s The Nature of Things. Summer is here and with it comes holidays, fireworks and flags. It’s a time of year when many Canadians and Americans show off their patriotism – people are proud of […] more
Tired of the same news cycle and spin? Want your news and current affairs reporting to be independent? Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re getting the true story, especially when commercial or government financial interests are so central to the mix.  Well, The Real News Network (TheRealNews.com) is one independent news source that reports […] more
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