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72 Hours
True Crime
Raw Opium
Pain, Pleasure, Profits
Almost Home
A Sayisi Dene Journey
The Drop
Why Young People Don't Vote
The Sacred Balance
hosted by David Suzuki
Return to Nepal
Hosted by Bruce Cockburn

What Happened to the Sayisi Dene People? In 1956, a tragic ordeal nearly destroyed an entire community, and left many deceased and more lives in turmoil.  The Sayisi Dene people of Tadoule Lake, in northern Manitoba, were forcibly uprooted from their homes and way of life by the federal government.  They were relocated to numerous remote […]

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The Equalizer Challenges Summer Olympics 2016 Athletes on CBC The starting pistol has fired and the summer olympics 2016 have begun! Full of hundreds of events, thousands of athletes, all performing before approximately 6 million inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – prepare for the trials and tribulations that are the Olympic Games 2016. Our award-winning […]

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Award Winning ‘The Equalizer” Documentary is Re-airing on CBC for the Olympics 2016 Preparing for Olympics 2016 with “The Equalizer” The Equalizer Sports Documentary series has been a huge success! So it seems fitting that we pass the baton onto the CBC network before and during the Olympics 2016. They will be re-airing the full feature a […]

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