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A Sayisi Dene Journey
With the 2015 Pan Am Games underway in Toronto, we couldn’t think of a better time to announce the five world-class athletes we’re filming this summer. In fact, three of our five athletes are competing at Pan Am!  The Equalizer is a special one-hour TV investigation exploring the impact of scientific advancements on personal bests […] more
IN PHOTOS: Behind-the-scenes at the Welland Pan Am Flatwater Centre with star kayaker Adam van Koeverden In our innovative sports documentary The Equalizer, we’ve selected 5 elite summer athletes who will run, swim, kayak, cycle or throw using equipment from the past to see if they can beat the world records set by former greats. (For more on how we’ll factor in the variables and […] more
Every year, athletes set new world records. But are today’s top performers really better than athletes of the past? Are sprinters faster or do they just have better shoes and tracks? Are swimmers stronger or do they just have sleeker swimsuits? These questions exist for all sports where technology has advanced and achievement is precisely […] more
This 2014 special edition DVD is an enhanced version of 'One Warm Line' more

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