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Almost Home
A Sayisi Dene Journey
The Sacred Balance
hosted by David Suzuki
Return to Nepal
Hosted by Bruce Cockburn
One Warm Line
The Legacy of Stan Rogers
Diamond Road
Many Facets of the World
Museum Secrets
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We’ve got the perfect gift for the binge-watcher on your list.   Buy any two DVDs from the Kensington Store and get Return to Nepal OR Diamond Road for free!* Includes bestsellers: Museum Secrets Volume 1 DVD, One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers, Raw Opium, Diamond Road, Museum Secrets: Inside the ROM, My Beat: […] more
Have you ever watched the Olympics and wondered how athletes continue to break world records? Are human beings becoming stronger and faster or is it the enhanced gear, equipment and facilities that help athletes set record-highs? Surely technological developments have helped athletes achieve new heights in human performance, but how much do those sleek suits, […] more
Some big buzz films moved closer to becoming a 2015 Oscars Best Documentary Feature nominee by making the 15-film shortlist. “Life Itself” about film critic Roger Ebert is on this list, as is exec producer’s Leonardo Dicaprio’s “Virunga” and Laura Poitras’ Edward Snowden doc “CitizenFour“. (Photo credit: Still from Virungamovie.com) Other documentaries like Tribeca-winner “Point and Shoot” and […] more

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