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72 Hours
True Crime
Raw Opium
Pain, Pleasure, Profits
Return to Nepal
Hosted by Bruce Cockburn
The Sacred Balance
hosted by David Suzuki
The Drop
Why Young People Don't Vote
My Beat
The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn
Right. Now. At Kensington, we know that the years go by quicker than you think (umm, we’re turning 35 next month). One thing that hasn’t changed, is the TV lover’s search for quality shows. While some people think the DVD is on the way out, we beg to differ. Here are the top 10 reasons to buy […] more
We’ve got a shorter name, and even more great clips. Through K-STOCK, we offer high quality HD stock footage from successful, broadcasted Canadian and international productions. You can be sure our shooters are experienced and highly skilled. Our current collection is comprised of worldly and awesome clips from Kensington productions such as MUSEUM SECRETS, The Sacred […] more
Want to get people talking about the upcoming federal election? Have something to say about why young people aren’t big voters? HOST A PUBLIC SCREENING If you’d like to show the film at a local theatre or host a community screening, we’d be thrilled! We can help promote the event and we might even participate […] more

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