The Drop (2016)
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Millennial filmmaker/actor Dylan Playfair goes on a journey to find out why his generation isn’t turning up at the polls.

The Drop: Why Young People Don’t Vote is produced by Kensington Communications and Triple Threat Films for TVO, CPAC and other broadcasters.


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Winner, Palm Springs International Film Festival


It’s easy to assume that young people would rather party than get involved in politics. And it’s easy to blame young people themselves for their relatively low voter turnout. But is that the whole story? Millennial filmmaker/actor Dylan Playfair isn’t so sure. He wants to explore the assumptions made about his generation.

In his home province of British Columbia, Dylan takes part in a dubious scheme to coax university students to go to the polls. Traveling to Toronto, during a municipal race that features Rob and Doug Ford, he meets a plucky teenage mayoral candidate. Then on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, he gets a hot tip that allows him to put Justin Trudeau on the spot.

In the lead-up to U.S. mid-term elections, Dylan travels to North Carolina to meet young activists as they struggle to remove barriers to voting. He visits Ferguson Missouri, still in turmoil after the police shooting of Michael Brown, where he meets young leaders of Black Lives Matter. Throughout his journey – including a chaotic trip to Burning Man – Dylan is exposed to a wide spectrum of political views as he strives to discover what would convince more young people to vote or… perhaps even better… find more direct ways to engage.