Who’s the Fastest Speed Skater?
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Christine Nesbitt Champions vs. Legends Winter Olympics

Christine Nesbitt Speed Skating in Champions vs. Legends

We’ve been focusing much of our social media on the Winter Olympics this year because our recent documentary special, Champions vs. Legends, features a group of talented champion Olympic athletes.

Champions vs. Legends Trailer

There are many entertaining events scheduled over the next two weeks. The speed skating segment is the first of five sports in the documentary and features Christine Nesbitt speed skating. She’s a former Winter Olympian and world champion, so our challenge to her involved setting out to beat the 1000m time of 1960s speed skating champion, Inga Artamanova, using the vintage gear of the era.

Although Christine isn’t racing in the current Olympics, her long list of accomplishments is impressive and we’re glad that we could collaborate with her. Aside from her 2010 gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, she had a world-record performance in the 1000m at the Calgary Oval in 2012. She’s also a combined 7 time world champion in 1000m, 1500m and Team Pursuit.  

She’s quite the competitor and showed off her grit, rising to the unusual challenge that we gave her.  Watch the clip below to see how she did.

We present more of the exciting challenges and athletes in the Champions vs. Legends athletes article and all five events have been cut down individually for online streaming in Canada – Christine Nesbitt in Champions vs. Legends.

Don’t miss any of your favourite speed skating events. Here’s the events calendar.

Watch Full Champions vs. Legends Documentary

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