For over 50 years, Canadians can say they better understand science and environmental issues thanks to David Suzuki. Tomorrow night, a one-hour doc on his life Suzuki@80 will air on The Nature of Things.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with David Suzuki over the years on many productions, working especially closely with him to produce the four-part documentary series The Sacred Balance (2002). Filmed on five continents, this ground-breaking series celebrates a new scientific world-view, an inclusive vision of nature in which human beings are intimately connected to all life processes on Earth.

You deserve to put your feet up David!

In The Sacred Balance, David travelled the world to visit with philosophers, scholars, priests, and shamans to get their visions and perspectives of the universe. Scientists such as Wade Davis, Ary Goldberger, Brian Goodwin, Elaine Ingham, Stephen Lansing, James Lovelock and E.O.Wilson (to name a few!) reveal how infinitely complex the Earth is.

Just this past week we were cleaning up around the office and found an old binder containing photographs from some of our locations on The Sacred Balance. It’s classic Suzuki, with a surprise or two!

On a bridge in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil 2001.


David shares a laugh with Amanda McConnell, creative producer and writer on The Sacred Balance.


Intrepid reporter David Suzuki says ‘don’t worry, this is totally off the record’


David Suzuki: loved by kids and puppies everywhere!


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