Champions vs. Legends – Hockey Challenge
Shea Weber's slap shot vs. Bobby Hull in Champions vs. Legends

How Hard is Shea Weber’s Slap Shot? Shea Weber’s slap shot vs. Bobby Hull’s in Champions vs. Legends Documentary As mentioned in previously blogs, Champions vs. Legends is a 1 hr documentary that challenges today’s winter sports champions to compete against legends of the past, using the same equipment used in their day. For our hockey […]

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Champions vs. Legends Trailer
Winter Olympics 2018 Giant Slalom champion Manuel Feller

Winter Olympics 2018 – Champions vs. Legends The Winter Olympics 2018 are just over 1 month away. We’ve waited 4 long years to see how each country’s best athletes will perform after years of preparation. With thousands of elite athletes competing in approximately 100 events, it promises to be an exciting two weeks.    Since […]

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Gold Project Announcement
Kensington Communications Gold project Chinese Miner

Gold, the ultimate talisman of wealth, power and beauty. Our upcoming project, ‘Gold’ is more than half way through completion. We’ve travelled to diverse corners of the globe to speak to experts and hear the voices of the communities affected by the gold trade. This isn’t the first time that we’ve produced such a project. […]

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The War on Raw Opium
Raw Opium War Tajik Soldier with gun

In 2008 we produced Raw Opium, an investigation of the pain, pleasure and profits that surround the raw opium trade.  We travelled the world to uncover how opium is grown and refined into Heroin in Afghanistan, and then transported and used in North America, Europe and worldwide. We revealed the forces that make the illegal […]

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Equalizer Winter Production Shoots Off
Equalizer Hockey shoot with Shea Webber for Kensington

Equalizer Winter Production is Underway Our winter edition of The Equalizer is well under way. The Equalizer Winter is a one-hour Canadian/German co-production that investigates the evolution of technology in sport. The documentary seeks answers to questions such as, what if the greatest high-performance athletes – present and past – could compete against each other […]

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Risk Factor Initiative has Launched
Robert Lang Kensington Communications Risk Factor Initiative Canmore Screening Live Safe But Live

We’re excited to have launched the Risk Factor Initiative yesterday with a sold-out film premiere and mobile app release in Canmore, Alberta.  We thought Canmore would be a great location for the launch as the city is home to outdoor adventure athlete, Will Gadd, and risk specialist with Parks Canada, Grant Statham, both of whom collaborated with […]

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Bruce Cockburn People’s Voice Award
Bruce Cockburn, My Beat wins People Voice Award

Bruce Cockburn People’s Voice Award Bruce Cockburn People’s Voice Award – Bruce Cockburn is a multi-platinum Canadian recording artist, whose 4-decade long career in music has shed light on social, indigenous and environmental issues around the world. Kensington has produced 3 one-hour documentaries over the years with Bruce. For his hard-work, dedication and creativity over […]

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